Black Mold Problem Ignored at Pennsylvania School

Black Mold Problem Ignored at Pennsylvania School

Parents are shocked by the sudden announcement of the closure of Prescott Elementary School in Scranton, Pennsylvania due to a dangerous mold problem.

Mold was discovered at the school in spring, but information was not relayed until September when the Scranton School Board finally reacted by deciding to close the school so that mold remediation could be conducted.

The shock by parents of children who attend the school isn’t as much directed at the closure, but at the failure of school staff and officials to relay information and react.

Several parents pointed out the mysterious respiratory illnesses experienced by their children since the start of the school year. One parent had a daughter that has already missed a week of school due to severe allergies and bronchitis.

The issue with mold and its impact on kids has been gradually been realized by parents and school officials alike. This was the second school in the district to be closed due to mold.

Parents in other communities around the state and country have expressed concern over this often overlooked danger for kids and adults, alike.

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