Avoid Do-it-Yourself With Mold Clean-Up
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  • What is Mold?

    Mold is a fungi and it’s is everywhere in nature. Fungi are a diverse group of single-celled organisms that includes mold, mildews, mushrooms, smuts, rusts and yeasts. Mold can even exist indoors in either living form as a growing colony or as dead spores on surfaces or in the air. When an environment contains the […]

  • Mold Photos

    A collection of photographs of mold that were taken inside buildings that had varying levels of contamination. The mold pictures shown vary in color, texture, shape and pattern. Some species of mold pictured can be harmful to humans when inhaled. Others may cause mild to severe allergies in some. Most mold types can be very […]

  • Mold and Children

    As adults, we often associate the way children should react to a problem closely to how we should react. We raise them to approach life and situations in a similar way to the way we do. This is just the nature of being a parent and reflecting ourselves and our values onto them. However, this […]

  • Mold or Mildew: What is the Difference?

    You see it growing in your shower or around your window sills and pass it up as mildew, right? But what is the difference between mold and mildew, if anything, and is one more worthy of concern versus the other? First of all, let’s set the record straight: Mold and mildew are both growths of […]

Mold & Your Health
Science of Mold
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Mold Photos

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  • Types of Mold

    There are actually thousands of mold species that have been found around the world. While thousands of species exist, only a handful are common in the sense that they are found more easily in nature and sometimes in properties.

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Mold Growth in Storm Damaged Homes

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